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domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Next Berlin

Can I ask you a favor?

I am reaching out to you, your team as well as friends and family to support me in a vote I've been nominated in.

I am happy and honored to be nominated bei Wirtschaftswoche, Daimler and NEXT as one of the 100 most influential people in the digital industry in Europe.

My goal is at least Top 3. I' m currently on 5th place with 50 votes short of the Top 3. And this where I would need your help. Please vote for me online until Tuesday, March 6th. So, just 2 day left...

Just click on

Click on "Vote for 100". Done.

It just takes 3 seconds, but my gratitude will be infinite

Here you can see the score:

Your help is highly appreciated!

Thanks and Cheers,

Por favor vamos ajudar este amigo, pode ser uma besteira, dois minutos do seu tempo, mas é muito importante para ele....

Agradeço quem puder ajudar e votar!!!!!!

Ju Denzler!

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